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Pay as you go

Access a complete e-signing platform with simple, pay as you go pricing


per envelope

Everything you need to send envelopes

Access for up to 10 team members

Branding for white-labelled solution

Text messages starting from 12c each

Start your 7 day free trial


Create a custom package for your business

Recommended for businesses with large sending volumes or unique business model.


per envelope

High sending volume discounts

Flexible billing options

Unlimited number of team members

Access to developers API

* Based on an annual sending volume of 10,000 envelopes
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How many envelopes your business sends a month

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Can I try Annature before upgrading?

Yes. We offer a 7 day free trial to help you experience how e-signing with Annature works before you decide if you want to upgrade.

How many envelopes can I send each month?

You can send as many envelopes you like per month, on the pay as you go plan you will be charged a flat rate of $1.45 per envelope at the end of each month.

Can I turn off text messages if I don't want to use them?

Yes. Text messages can be turned off from the billing page to avoid incurring additional charges. You will still be able to send envelopes to recipients by email for no additional cost.

What should I do if I require more than 10 accounts?

The pay as you go plan includes 10 accounts for free, if you require more than 10 accounts get in touch with our sales team and we'll help create a custom package for your business.